Eye contour wrinkles + dark circles

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HyaluSerum 2.3 contour des yeux

(around eye wrinkles + dark circles)

Exclusively dedicated to fragile, sensitive areas: peri-orbital and peri lips zones

A powerful anti-aging biocompatible topic filler

  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Firming
  • Revitalizing with 29% active ingredients Hyaluronic Acid + retinol + antioxidant    

The powerful 2nd generation HA for the beauty of your eyes. Results seen within 21 days of use.

Last borne product from the combination of biotechnologie with biomaterials to care about wrinkles and circles under your eye.

0,4% of HA with restructuring oligopeptides allied with alpha glucosyl hesperidin securing the flow

of intestteitial fluids causing dark circles.Eyes will look younger and joyful.

Spécificity of HYALU SERUM 2.3 vs other competitors      


  • Maximum concentration (29% of active ingredients) No useless other ingredients


  • Total skin osmo-affinity (96,00% PHYSIO-COMPATIBLE formula!) (PRESERVATIVE FREE)
  • VERY minimalist formula (12 ingredients only)  


  1. HA (hight molecular weight)*

  2. Tocoretinoate: retinoic acid + tocopherol

  3. Hypotaurin: antioxidant / moisturizing

  4. Sodium Lactate*: hydration / humectant

  5. Glucose: hydration / humectant

  6. Glycérol* : hydration / humectant

  7. Hydrolite-5 : hydration and penetration factor


  • To be used from 30 years. No age limit
  • Nascent or marked lines around the eyes or mouth
  • Expression wrinkles in these same areas
  • Very dehydrated and dry skin
  • Intolerant and reactive skin
  • Preparation to aesthetic surgery, lasers, peelings. Healing treatment after these procedures
  • Association with HA/Glycerol mesolift
  • Association with HA fillers


Apply Hyalu Serum for Fragile areas twice daily on clean skin (peri-orbital and lips areas only). Collect a small drop of serum on the tip of the finger by squeezing the tube vertically, holding the canula down. Spread it by light massage under both eyes.Wait 10 to 15 min before make up.



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Eye contour wrinkles + dark circles

Eye contour wrinkles + dark circles