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Freedom of expression and information to place the website is not compatible with such actions as national, racial, religious or social hatred, violence and discrimination, slander and disinformation. Other persons permitted to place such information on the Website.

Site users are prohibited to place any kind of information which violate the dignity, honor, rights to privacy, property rights and other constitutional rights of the individual. It is also prohibited to place information whose dissemination is contrary to the Lithuanian legislation.

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To the extent permitted by mandatory legal norms, we are not responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages that may be suffered by users or third parties on the websites of the content on the Site malfunctions or third-party web-based information, justice and legitimacy.

We are not responsible for the website contains other legal or natural persons for products, services or political correctness advertising, product and service quality, and for any consequences arising from the use of or to have recourse to their advertising.

In cases where the web site contains links to other websites, we are not responsible for the content of the information it contains, does not monitor such sites, and they do not represent control.




We have the right, without prior notice remove users uploaded and these Rules, the legitimate interests of third parties or Lithuanian legislation contrary information.

Under Lithuanian legislation with signs of damage or the legitimate requirements of law enforcement agencies, we convey all available information about the user to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

Informed about the rules changes on the Website.

Rules are subject to the right of the Republic of Lithuania.



We reserve the right to remove comments that:

It is offensive.

There are vulgar.

Is threatening.

Promotes violence, racial, national, religious or any other hatred.

There are a sign of false, actually existing, person, or company.

There is no commentary on the content related to the topic.

If the comment many times repeated the same text.


Advertise comments are prohibited. Comments that promote a product, service, website, with signatures, text, or in place of the name of a saved website address will be deleted.


For comments directly and individually responsible to publish reader that can be brought to criminal, administrative or civil liability for defamatory, public or private, the reputation and dignity of the offensive, ethnic, or other hate-inducing statements, incitement to violence, calls to overthrow the legitimate government of Lithuania and other illegal actions.